For a truly comprehensive analysis of the relationship between face, jaw, neck and mouth, Morrison Dental Group can utilize craniofacial imaging in Portsmouth, Virginia. With this technology, our talented and qualified dentists at the Morrison Dental Group can not only diagnose a condition but create a specialized treatment plan to address your needs. To learn more about this process, call 757-397-3296 today to plan your visit.

Your mouth and teeth obviously don’t exist independently of the rest of your body. They are part of a complex system, and sometimes, conditions that affect your mouth and teeth can also affect nearby areas such as your neck and head. Often, a thorough examination of your head, neck and jaws can help our dentists locate a problem and understand its effect on your health. Craniofacial imaging is just one of the state-of-the-art tools we can use to diagnose a problem and develop a treatment plan that will be the greatest benefit to your oral and overall health. It helps us to see the “bigger picture” and to provide you with effective treatment. It is not uncommon for us to combine craniofacial imaging with other technologies, such as digital X-rays, computed tomography (CBDT) and 3D scanning. Craniofacial imaging is just one of the ways in which we can enhance our care and your oral health. We look forward to seeing you soon and to putting our skills, experience and technology to work for you.

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